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A bridge is a good way of replacing missing teeth.

The Problem:

One or more missing teeth
Shifting of neighboring teeth into the empty space caused by missing teeth
Difficulty chewing due to a missing tooth
Dissatisfaction with a removable denture

The Solution:

A dental bridge is a false tooth or teeth which is permanently attached to neighboring teeth.

The Advantages

A dental bridge can provide very good aesthetic results, looking very much like natural teeth. The base of the false tooth is positioned below the gum line so that it appears to be a natural tooth. Since the bridge is permanently cemented into place, it is very easy to care for. It does not need to be removed and cleaned as dentures do. It will prevent neighboring teeth from shifting into the empty space, which can lead to malocclusion, periodontal disease, or tooth loss. Chewing will be very natural and efficient, and you will experience less cheek and tongue biting once the missing tooth is replaced.

The Disadvantage

The biting force of the false tooth will be transferred onto the adjacent teeth that support the bridge, exposing them to more chewing force. Also, the supporting teeth have to be reshaped to fit the bridge, in the same way they would be shaped to accept a crown. If the neighboring teeth are healthy, their healthy tooth structure is being sacrificed in order to accommodate the bridge.

The Alternatives

A dental implant is a better alternative to a dental bridge. An implant is self-supporting and does not rely on the neighboring teeth in any way. A removable denture is another option.

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