Upland dentist provides dental crowns


The Problem:

Severely decayed teeth Fractured teeth

The Solution:

When a tooth is severely weakened due to damage or decay, it will be unable to hold a filling and a crown becomes necessary. A crown covers the entire tooth. All tooth decay is removed as it would be for a filling, then the remaining tooth structure is shaped to accept the crown. Each crown is custom made to fit perfectly with the surrounding teeth. Several types of materials can be used to make a crown. A full porcelain crown provides the most natural looking result. Metal-porcelain crowns and full metal crowns are also available.

The Advantages:

Even with a severely damaged tooth, a crown can restore it both in function and appearance. A crown should last for many years.

The Disadvantage:

While a crowns should last for many years, crowns do eventually wear out and need replacement.

The Alternatives:

It is possible for a tooth to be so severely damaged that it will not take a crown. In this case a tooth extraction may be necessary. The tooth can then be replaced by a dental implant, a dental bridge, or a removable denture.

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