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The removal of teeth.

The Problem:

Severe tooth decay
Severe tooth fracture
Wisdom teeth
Root fracture of the tooth
Infection or Abscess
Supernumerary, or extra teeth

The Solution:

When a tooth is not restorable, the only option is an extraction. For wisdom teeth or extra teeth, the only option is extraction. If the problem teeth are not extracted they may cause problems with other adjacent teeth.

For a damaged tooth, extraction is the treatment of last resort when there is no way to save the tooth. It will eliminate the pain and the risk of infection. This should then be followed up with a tooth replacement procedure such as an implant or bridge. If a missing tooth is not replaced, bone loss can occur and adjacent teeth may shift position. These problems can cause future dental problems.

Teeth Removal Upland and San Bernardino

When wisdom teeth cause problems, extraction is usually the only option.

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