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The Problem:

A small cavity (tooth decay) in a tooth.
A small gap between front teeth.
Small fractures on front teeth.


After the decay in the tooth is removed, a silver (amalgam) filling containing mercury and metal is used to replace the missing tooth structure.

The Advantage:

They can be placed quickly and are inexpensive.

The Disadvantage:

Silver fillings are very noticeable in the mouth; this is an important consideration especially in the front teeth as it can affect your smile. Therefore they are usually only used for filling cavities in back teeth.

Silver amalgam also contains mercury, a heavy metal that is known to be toxic when ingested in large enough quantities. Current studies indicate that the mercury found in dental amalgams poses no measureable risk to patients; however, since alternatives are available, many patients would rather avoid any potential mercury exposure. In large enough quantities, mercury has been linked to neurological and kidney disease.

The Alternative:

White composite fillings, made of plastic and glass, are less noticeable or even undetectable (see below).


White composite fillings can be colored to closely match the color of the affected tooth or teeth. These can be used to repair cavities in front teeth as well as back teeth. Bonding a tooth colored restoration can also be used for cosmetic tooth enhancement.

The Advantage:

Composite fillings look like your natural tooth, so fillings are virtually undetectable. Composites are also bonded to your tooth, unlike silver fillings that merely fill the hole left behind by the dental decay. Since they can be bonded to the tooth, composite fillings can also be used to enhance your teeth to create a great smile.

The Disadvantage:

Composite fillings are slightly more expensive than silver fillings. Since they are matched the color of the tooth and bonded to the tooth, more time and material is required to place them.

The Alternative:

Silver amalgam fillings (see above).

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