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Sinus Augmentation

The Problem:

Dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. In some cases however, there may be inadequate bone thickness below the sinus to support the placement of a dental implant.

The Solution:

A sinus augmentation increases the bone thickness between the sinus floor and the oral cavity. This procedure requires the use of a bone graft to increase the bone thickness. Sinus augmentation involves lifting the sinus floor to make space for a bone graft. As the sinus floor is lifted, the space below it is filled with a bone graft to thicken the bone below the sinus cavity.

The Advantages:

This procedure makes it possible to place a dental implant in cases where an implant would otherwise not be possible. An implant is the best possible option for tooth replacement.

The Disadvantages:

Sinus augmentation requires a healing period of about 6 months before the implant can be placed. During this waiting period another type of temporary tooth replacement can be used.

The Alternatives:

The alternative is to use another type of tooth replacement such as a bridge or denture.

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