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The Problem

Dull, yellow, or stained teeth

The Solution

Whitening gel can be applied on the surface of your teeth to remove stains.
There are two techniques to apply the gel. The first is an in-office procedure, sometimes using a light, allowing the dentist to isolate the gums from a concentrated mixture of whitening gel applied to the teeth. The second is a custom tray used at home that directs the gel onto the teeth and prevents dilution from the saliva. Both are equally effective at whitening your teeth.

The Advantages

You can brighten your smile without altering your teeth.

The Disadvantages

Whitening gel only removes the stains trapped in the pores of the teeth. Discoloration of the tooth enamel itself (such as can occur from the use of certain antibiotics, or other causes) cannot be removed with gel.

Whitening can cause tooth sensitivity (such as sensitivity to cold) since it is removing material from the pores of the teeth.

Teeth whitening is not permanent. As stains re-accumulate on the teeth, you will need to whiten your teeth again. The good news is that after the initial whitening, you will only need a touch-up once a month with home whitening trays in order to preserve your bright white smile.

The Alternatives

Porcelain Veneers or Porcelain Crowns are permanent solutions to whiten and reshape These alternatives can dramatically transform your smile but are more invasive.

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